86 Acres in Greene County, IN

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and abundance of this 86-acre treasure in Greene County, Indiana. Boasting exceptional access and meticulously maintained log roads, this property offers an extraordinary hunting and outdoor experience, surrounded by two cut fields that enrich the landscape’s diversity.

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86 Acres in Greene County, IN

Large Woods
Rubs Spotted
Private Land

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Nestled in the heart of Greene County, IN, this 86-acre property is a hunter’s dream come true, showcasing great access, diverse terrain, and an abundance of wildlife. The presence of extensive log roads and adjacent cut fields creates a unique ecosystem that attracts and sustains a large deer population, alongside noticeable turkey activity. The land’s recent logging has opened up exceptional bedding areas, contributing to its attractiveness for game. With the creek providing a constant water source, the property promises year-round appeal for both animals and hunting enthusiasts. Whether you’re in search of the perfect hunting spot or a serene getaway to connect with nature, this property offers it all, complete with strategic stand locations and multiple access points for optimal hunting experiences.

Premier Features:

  • Dynamic Landscape: Recently logged areas have blossomed into prime bedding spots for deer, enhancing the property’s allure for game and providing perfect ambush points for hunters.
  • Water Abundance: A serene creek flows through the property, ensuring year-round water for wildlife and adding to the scenic beauty of the land.
  • Wildlife Haven: Inspection revealed a vibrant population of deer and evidence of turkey presence, punctuated by an impressive array of rubs—some of the largest seen in the area, underscoring the property’s status as a wildlife haven.
  • Strategic Hunting Opportunities: With numerous great stand locations identified across the property, hunters can enjoy a variety of vantage points. The layout and multiple entry points to the property offer strategic advantages for hunting endeavors.

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Property ID : Greene-IN_030414-86

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