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Hunting Grounds Across Multiple States

Browse hunting opportunities in different regions.

7 Locations Available

Scenic Hoosier State

Explore hunting grounds in Indiana’s diverse landscapes, from rolling hills and dense forests to fertile farmlands. Experience the thrill of hunting amidst the natural beauty of the Hoosier State.

1 Location Available

Volunteer State Beauty

Discover prime hunting locations in Tennessee, a state known for its picturesque mountains, lush forests, and abundant wildlife. Uncover the hidden gems of the Volunteer State.

0 Locations Available

Bluegrass Bounty

Kentucky’s wilderness offers exceptional hunting experiences, with its rolling bluegrass hills, dense woodlands, and rich wildlife. Find your piece of hunting paradise in the Bluegrass State.

0 Locations Available

Great Lakes Wildlife

Hunt amidst the beauty of Michigan’s natural wonders, including its vast forests, pristine lakeshores, and diverse wildlife. Michigan’s Great Lakes region beckons outdoor enthusiasts.

0 Locations Available

Land of 10,000 Lakes

Experience hunting adventures in the North Star State, Minnesota, where the land of 10,000 lakes offers diverse terrains, dense forests, and countless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

4 Locations Available

Show-Me State Scenery

Missouri’s landscapes are a haven for hunting enthusiasts, with its rolling Ozark mountains, scenic rivers, and diverse wildlife. Discover the stunning scenery of the Show-Me State.

0 Locations Available

Buckeye State Bounty

Find your hunting paradise in the state of Ohio, known for its picturesque countryside, fertile farmlands, and rich hunting heritage. Ohio offers a bounty of outdoor adventures.

25+ Listing

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25+ Listing

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We’re proud to collaborate with industry leaders who share our passion for responsible hunting and conservation.

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Our extensive selection of prime hunting grounds spans diverse terrains, ensuring that you find the perfect spot for your adventure. From dense forests to rolling hills, we offer the landscapes you dream of for an unforgettable hunt.

Happy Hunting Community

Our community of hunters and landowners is at the heart of Tree Hugger Leasing. Join a network of satisfied customers who have experienced memorable hunting adventures, formed lasting connections, and contributed to wildlife conservation.

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Michael Johnson Ohio Hunter

Working with Tree Hugger Leasing was an incredible experience. The land was outstanding, and the wildlife sightings were unforgettable. I can't wait to lease again!

David Smith Indiana Hunter

I appreciate the dedication and professionalism of the Tree Hugger Leasing team. They truly care about conservation and making every hunting experience exceptional

James Miller Michigan Hunter

Listing my property with Tree Hugger Leasing was seamless, and I've connected with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Their support has been invaluable!

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