84 Acres in Greene County, IN

Explore the unmatched beauty and wild heart of Tennessee with this prime hunting land. From the strategic stand corners to the creeks’ serene flow, every inch offers an invitation to adventure. Embrace the call of the wild where deer and turkey roam freely, and every hunt tells a new story.

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84 Acres in Greene County, IN

Large Woods
Indian Creek
Private Land

Detail Description

This 84-acre property in Greene County, IN, stands as a testament to the perfect hunting ground, offering everything a hunter could desire. With its great hardwoods, thickets, pine stand, and open grassy areas, it provides diverse habitats for wildlife. The strategic layout, including funnels, pinch points, and the meandering Indiana Creek, creates an environment ripe for hunting adventures. The sheer number of deer trails, turkey sightings, and astonishing amount of rubs highlight the property’s rich ecosystem. Ideal for those seeking a private hunting retreat or a peaceful escape into nature, this property promises a unique outdoor experience with the convenience of great access and varied landscapes.

Exceptional Features:

  • Varied Landscapes: From dense thickets and a majestic stand of pines in the heart of the property to serene grassy clearings, the variety of landscapes not only adds to its beauty but also creates an ideal habitat for wildlife.
  • Water Features: Indiana Creek meanders through the property, complemented by a feeder pond and shallow crossing areas, enriching the land’s appeal and providing vital resources for the abundant deer and turkey populations.
  • Abundant Wildlife: Inspection of the property revealed numerous deer and turkey, with evidence of heavy activity including trails, rubs, and signs that attest to a thriving wildlife population.
  • Strategic Hunting Grounds: The presence of numerous funnels and pinch points, along with fantastic food plot locations, enhances the hunting potential, making it perfect for strategic game pursuits.
  • Easy Access: A main trail encircles the property, ensuring convenient access to its various features and promising easy navigation through this hunter’s haven.

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