70 Acres in Greene County, IN

Discover the ultimate hunting retreat on this expansive 70-acre property in Greene County, Indiana, tailored for the exclusive use of 2 or 3 hunters. With a recent inspection revealing the presence of 10 deer, including several bucks, this land promises an exceptional hunting experience.

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70 Acres in Greene County, IN

Large Woods
Feeder Pond
Private Land

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Embrace the wilderness on this 70-acre hunting land in Greene County, IN, perfect for a small group of hunters seeking a private and bountiful hunting ground. This property stands out with its vibrant deer population, including observable bucks, and is equipped with ideal food plot locations to support wildlife sustainability. The presence of a creek and a feeder pond not only beautifies the landscape but also serves as a natural attractant for deer and other wildlife, ensuring a rich hunting ground. With trails crisscrossing each ridge, hunters have unparalleled access to prime spots for observing and engaging game.

  • Rich Wildlife Habitat: Encounter an abundant population of deer, evidenced by the multiple sightings of bucks during property inspection, ensuring thrilling hunting adventures.
  • Ideal Food Plot Locations: The property boasts numerous potential sites for food plots, offering perfect conditions to attract and nourish wildlife.
  • Water Features: A creek runs along the front, complemented by a feeder pond, creating vital water sources for animals and enhancing the property’s appeal.
  • Extensive Trails: Discover well-established deer-sign and trails on every ridge, facilitating excellent tracking and stalking opportunities for hunters.

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