61 Acres in Martin County, IN

Nestled in the scenic hills of Martin County, Indiana, lies a 61-acre tract that stands as a testament to the perfect blend of accessibility and seclusion for the dedicated hunter. This property, with its mild to moderately hilly terrain, strikes a balance that is rare to find, offering both challenge and opportunity for those who tread its grounds.

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61 Acres in Martin County, IN

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Key Features That Set This Property Apart:

  • Strategic Location: Despite its proximity to public hunting areas known for their underutilized resources, this tract remains a private haven, not adjoining any public access lands. Its position ensures a secluded hunting experience while benefiting from the abundant wildlife the region is renowned for.
  • Accessible Terrain: The presence of a power line and logging trails not only facilitates easy access across the property but also opens up numerous vantage points for hunting. The land’s topography, recently enhanced by logging activities 3-4 years ago, has fostered a thick underbrush that provides excellent cover and habitat for wildlife.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary: This property has become a sanctuary for mature trophy bucks, thanks in part to the thick vegetation that offers ideal bedding and hiding spots. The local deer population thrives here, supported by a rich mix of agricultural lands and hardwood forests that supply ample nutrition for growth.
  • Secluded yet Reachable: The gravel road along the east side ensures that this property remains well off the beaten path, preserving its tranquil and undisturbed atmosphere. Yet, it remains easily accessible for those seeking a remote hunting getaway.
  • Opportunity for Growth: The recent logging has not only opened up the terrain but has also stimulated new growth, creating a more diverse and inviting environment for deer and other wildlife. This natural regeneration process is key to maintaining a healthy and sustainable ecosystem on the property.


Why This Martin County Tract Is a Must-Have:

For the hunter seeking a blend of seclusion, accessibility, and rich wildlife potential, this 61-acre tract in Martin County is a rare find. Its location ensures privacy and a deep connection with nature, while the surrounding agricultural and forested lands provide the perfect backdrop for deer to grow large and healthy. The property’s layout, with strategic trails and natural cover, offers countless spots for stands and blinds, making every hunt a new adventure.

As properties of this quality and setting become increasingly scarce, this tract represents not just a hunting lease but a long-term investment in your hunting legacy. Whether you’re after the thrill of the chase or the tranquility of nature, this property promises to be a cornerstone of memorable hunts and unparalleled outdoor experiences.

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