508 Acres in Martin County, IN

Nestled just 5 minutes from town yet worlds apart in ambiance, this sprawling 508-acre property in Indiana offers an unparalleled hunting experience. With the landowner witnessing deer, including many mature bucks, year-round in his fields, this property is a testament to the abundant wildlife it supports.

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508 Acres in Martin County, IN

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Exceptional Features:

  • Diverse Terrain: From powerlines to creek bottoms, high and low ground, the property boasts an array of landscapes including funnels, pinch points, and ample bedding areas. Its big open flat fields and access on three sides ensure it has everything a hunter could wish for.
  • Ample Hunting Opportunities: The property has been carefully managed to encourage trophy hunting alongside doe management, aligning with the owner’s vision for sustainable hunting practices.
  • Strategic Location: Accessible via gravel and chip-and-seal roads on the south and north respectively, its proximity to town provides convenience without compromising the secluded wilderness feel.
  • Rich Natural Habitat: Timbered approximately 3 years ago, the woods offer thick cover for bedding, making it an ideal habitat for deer. The inclusion of landlocked Hoosier National to the east adds over 200 acres to this lease, expanding the hunting grounds.
  • No Need for Food Plots: With the land currently used for growing Beans and Cereal Rye, the natural food sources are abundant, eliminating the need for additional food plots.
  • Evidence of Abundance: Though only a few cameras were deployed briefly, they captured several nice bucks, suggesting a much larger presence of deer on the property.


A Trophy Hunter’s Dream Come True:

This property is not just land; it’s a haven for those passionate about hunting and nature. With its rich biodiversity, strategic access points marked on the map, and a commitment to trophy and doe hunting, it stands as the premier farm currently available in Indiana. The photos and aerials only begin to tell the story of this exceptional hunting oasis. Whether you’re looking to establish a hunting camp with campers parked at either end during the deer season or seeking a solitary hunt in the thick, inviting woods, this property promises an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Don’t miss your chance to experience the best hunting Indiana has to offer!

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Property ID : Martin-IN _022224-508

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