50 Acres in Morgan County, IN

Discover a prime 50-acre tract located just 45 minutes south of Indianapolis, in Morgan County, Indiana. This property is a wildlife haven, hosting abundant populations of whitetail deer and turkey, making it an ideal spot for hunters and nature lovers alike.

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50 Acres in Morgan County, IN

Rich Wildlife
Large Creek
Private Land

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Nestled in Morgan County, just a short drive from Indianapolis, this 50-acre haven is a treasure trove for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. With its abundant whitetail deer and turkey populations, varied terrain featuring ridges and a creek bottom, and proximity to agricultural fields, it offers unmatched wildlife encounters and hunting experiences. Whether you’re stalking a trophy buck or enjoying the serene beauty of nature, this property provides the perfect backdrop. Its location not only promises the tranquility of the countryside but also easy access to the city, making it an ideal investment for those seeking the best of both worlds.

Outstanding Features:

  • Rich Wildlife: The land is teeming with large numbers of whitetail deer and turkey, providing excellent hunting opportunities. An inspection revealed a big buck bedding on top of one of the ridges, indicating the presence of trophy game.
  • Diverse Terrain: Comprising approximately 12 ridges that naturally funnel down to a large creek bottom, the property offers a variety of landscapes and strategic points for hunting.
  • Agricultural Surroundings: Encircled by agricultural fields, this area benefits from the added attraction for wildlife, enhancing the hunting potential.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned a mere 45 minutes south of Indianapolis, the property combines secluded rural charm with convenient access to urban amenities.

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