44 Acres in Owen County, IN

Unveil the potential of this 44-acre hidden gem in Owen County, Indiana, a sanctuary tailor-made for the discerning hunter or duo in pursuit of both game and tranquility. With a behemoth buck known to traverse its bounds, this property stands out as a hunter’s dream.

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44 Acres in Owen County, IN

Large Woods
Mill Creek
Private Land

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Discover the ultimate 44-acre hunting and fishing paradise in Owen County, IN, perfectly suited for the solo hunter or a pair. This exclusive property promises not just a hunting ground but a majestic retreat where a legendary buck is rumored to roam. Mill Creek borders the property, providing unparalleled fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities amidst the serene Indiana landscape. With easy access and a perfect layout that places hunters at the heart of action—surrounded by food, water, and shelter—this property offers a unique blend of adventure, convenience, and potential for trophy catches. Whether it’s the thrill of the hunt, the joy of fishing, or simply the peace of outdoor solitude you seek, this 44-acre haven delivers on all fronts.

Key Attributes:

  • Strategic Hunter’s Haven: Designed with the hunter’s vantage in mind, this layout strategically places you amidst the essential trio of food, water, and shelter, optimizing your hunting success.
  • Bountiful Waters: Mill Creek encircles the property, offering exceptional fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities, enhancing the land’s appeal for a year-round outdoor experience.
  • Accessible Seclusion: Enjoy the convenience of easy access directly off a main thoroughfare, ensuring your retreat remains both secluded yet reachable.
  • Diverse Terrain: The property boasts a mix of habitats, including lush bedding areas, abundant water sources, and fertile feeding grounds, ensuring a rich biodiversity.

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