40 Acres in Martin County, IN

Nestled in a secluded corner of Martin County, this 40-acre property presents a unique hunting opportunity for those seeking privacy and rich wildlife. With public access hunting grounds and the Crane area just a stone’s throw away, this tract offers an ideal mix of convenience and isolation.

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40 Acres in Martin County, IN

Large Woods
Dense Population
Private Land

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Key Highlights:

  • Dense Deer Population: The property’s strategic location and natural features compress Knox County deer into smaller woodlots post-harvest, concentrating the wildlife and increasing encounter rates for hunters.
  • Diverse Terrain: Featuring a mix of thicker and thinner wooded areas, along with fallow lands, the property offers the varied habitat deer thrive in. The abundance of beds, scat, and established travel routes further attest to the area’s vitality.
  • Optimal Hunting Conditions: With a landscape that becomes denser in the summer, early scouting is advised. The property’s rich agricultural surroundings, coupled with natural browse, water sources, bedding, and thick cover, ensure deer remain on the premises year-round.
  • Versatile Hunting Opportunities: Suitable for both gun and bow hunting, this land also offers excellent turkey hunting prospects. Access is thoughtfully planned via the Levy to the East and the river to the west, allowing for undisturbed entry. Silent access via canoe or small jon boat on the river is also possible, providing a stealth approach to your hunting spots.
  • Exceptional Deer Quality: The property boasts a superior deer age class structure, with an abundance of deer including potential trophy bucks. This presents a unique opportunity for hunters to pursue significant game.


A Hunter’s Dream in Knox County:

This 515-acre property is not merely a piece of land; it’s a vibrant ecosystem ripe for trophy buck hunting and immersive outdoor experiences. With its significant signs of deer activity, strategic access points, and the promise of dense, game-rich environments, it stands as an ideal location for serious hunters aiming for their next big trophy. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or looking to elevate your hunting adventures, this Knox County sanctuary offers a rare opportunity to engage with nature and wildlife in an exceptionally productive setting. Seize the chance to become one of the fortunate few to explore and hunt in this remarkable and bountiful land.

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