272 Acres in Orange County, IN

Welcome to a breathtaking 272-acre farm in Orange County, Indiana, a property so rich in wildlife diversity and activity, it rivals scenes from National Geographic. With trail cameras capturing an average of over 30 pictures per day, this farm stands out as a sanctuary for deer and turkey, often appearing together in a single frame, highlighting the harmony of nature at its finest.

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272 Acres in Orange County, IN

Large Woods
Unmatched Activity
Private Land

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Unmatched Wildlife Activity: One trail camera alone boasts an average of 30+ captures daily, offering undeniable proof of the abundant deer and turkey populations thriving on the property.
  • Diverse Habitat: From cedar thickets and agricultural fields to hay fields, bedding areas, hills, creek bottoms, rut funnels, and varied timberlands, this farm encompasses every element required for prime hunting and wildlife observation.
  • Minimal Human Pressure: The farm’s remote location ensures minimal human interference, providing a peaceful haven for wildlife and enhancing the quality of hunting experiences.
  • Strategic Hunting Opportunities: With the potential to harvest 3 or 4 quality bucks annually or to practice trophy management, hunters have the freedom to pursue their goals with the assurance of a thriving game population.
  • Convenient Access and Amenities: Multiple access points along the county road, combined with a remote setting characterized by dirt and Chip and Seal roads, ensure easy entry with minimal traffic. The provision to pull in a camper with electricity during hunting season adds to the appeal, offering a comfortable base for extended stays.
  • Sustainable Management: The owner’s approval of carefully planned food plots, with considerations to prevent erosion, demonstrates a commitment to sustainable land and wildlife management.


The Ultimate Hunting Experience Awaits in Orange County:

Dubbed as the top farm available for lease in Indiana, this property promises not just a hunting ground but a complete immersion into the wild. The abundance and variety of wildlife captured on camera are a testament to the property’s pristine condition and exceptional habitat management. Whether you’re an avid hunter looking to fill your tags with quality bucks or someone who appreciates the majestic beauty of deer and turkey cohabiting, this farm offers an unparalleled experience. If you’re seeking the pinnacle of hunting opportunities in Indiana, look no further. This Orange County farm is not just a place to hunt; it’s a destination where wildlife thrives, and hunters can achieve their dreams.

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