20 Acres in Fulton County, IN

Underestimate not the potential of this 20-acre jewel nestled in Fulton County, Indiana. Despite its modest acreage, this property is a powerhouse for producing big bucks and offers a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife.

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20 Acres in Fulton County, IN

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Discover the untapped potential of this 20-acre hunting haven in Fulton County, IN, a true testament to the adage “good things come in small packages.” Surrounded by nourishing crop fields and the tranquil Tippecanoe River, this property is a magnet for deer and turkey, making it an ideal spot for hunters and nature lovers seeking quality over quantity. The presence of mature hardwoods enhances its appeal, offering both aesthetic beauty and a robust ecosystem for wildlife. Whether you’re after the thrill of the hunt or a peaceful escape into nature, this little gem is poised to deliver big experiences.

Exceptional Features:

  • Abundant Wildlife: A thorough inspection revealed a vibrant habitat teeming with deer and turkey, promising rich encounters for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike.
  • Strategic Location: Surrounded by expansive crop fields and the serene Tippecanoe River, this property is perfectly positioned to attract big game, offering them the sustenance and cover they need.
  • Mature Hardwoods: The land boasts big hardwoods, providing not only majestic scenery but also a crucial habitat for wildlife and an ideal setting for tree stands.

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