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test from miami, mi
Testimonial from Landowner Carol Beemer

“The best part about working with Tree Hugger Leasing is that Scott has been considerate about what I think. He calls whenever he says he going to call he and he keeps me informed.

“Scott saw that I had my land for sale and he called my number. He introduced himself and told me what he did. He asked if we could get together, so we got together and talked about it.

“I had considered leasing my land to hunters before Scott called, but had heard from other people that they had some problems, so I was a little concerned about it. That’s why we met and talked. My brother was reluctant and he didn’t want to do it, but after he talked to Scott, he felt a lot better about it.

“What we like is that our property is in Owen County and we live in Greencastle in Putnam, and people had been getting on the property. Scott said that would not be a problem, because once people lease the property, if there is anyone else on it, he would make the calls to take care of it. Scott goes down frequently to check the land out, so that makes us feel very comfortable.

“One of the main concerns we no longer have is that Scott said he would go down and make sure that the hunters would not put tree stands in good trees. We’ve had people go on our property and put them in good trees and kill them. And that’s money when you do that. Scott goes down with the people and they discuss things. So far, the people who have been on the land – I’ll put it this way, there’s no beer cans or trash left, and we appreciate that.

“I have been very, very pleased with Tree Hugger Leasing. You just don’t have to worry about the land anymore. Plus, it’s just laying there anyway. It’s like free money whenever Scott leases it out. It’s just a little extra to help with the taxes and stuff. They don’t hurt the property, so it’s great.”

Carol Beemer, Landowner
Greencastle, Indiana
February 28, 2012
Carol Beemer
Testimonial from Lessee Spencer Judd


I just want to thank you for your professional and personal help in finding us a great hunting lease.

After working with another company the last few years I can really see the difference in just a leasing business to working with someone like yourself and Tree Hugger Leasing. I have never heard of any leasing company actually providing the personal service and knowledge I received from you.

Not only did I get a great hunting lease at a fair price, but also got a personal friend in the hunting business, and that makes all the difference for me. All four of us are looking forward to a good hunting year, thanks to you Scott and Tree Hugger Leasing!

Spencer Judd
Anderson, IN
July 9, 2012
Spencer Judd

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