It's all about personal service and attention to detail. TREE HUGGER LEASING strives to bring a superior level of customer service not available from other hunting land leasing companies.

Our goal is to be the premiere hunting land leasing company in the Midwest, synonymous with top-quality properties and large, healthy herds of wildlife, and respected as a service company that does good for the environment, the land owner, and the hunter.

FAQs for Hunters

FAQs for Landowners

For Hunters
    -Property lines marked with clearly visible signs
    -We accompany you on inspection tour of the property.
    -Bedding areas
    -Feeding areas
    -Travel corridors
    -Pitch points, etc
    -Stand location recommendations.
    -Consultation to determine how to best use the location.
    -We will be available to answer questions and offer advice, even after the deal is completed.
    -We work to improve the property when we lease it and increase its value.
    -Food plots on the property will increase wildlife wellbeing.
    -Better food sources improve animal health:
    --bigger deer
    --larger racks
    --better overall growth
    --reduce crop damage and increase value of crops
    --future lessees will be willing to pay more for a better property.

    Good property management improves the wildlife population by decreasing the numbers to build a healthier deer herd.
        At least 100 acres in size.
        No larger than 1,000 acres.
        A good mix of wooded and tillable land (crop fields like bean or corn fields.)
        A 40/60 ratio of wooded to tillable land should provide good food sources for a herd of deer.
        Without this food source, the deer tend to just travel through the property and not live there.
How We Select a Hunting Land Lease Property

    -Property specs we look for in good hunting lands include:
    -A good population of mass trees, such as any variety of oak (especially white and pin oak), because deer love acorns.
    -Additional features needed to sustain a herd, which include:
    -A bedding area
    -A feeding area
    -A water source; either ponds or a creek running through the area
    Properties that were clear cut years ago, which are perfect for thickets with a lot of undergrowth.Deer love thickets!

We answer the questions many hunters have about how hunting leases work and the many benefits a private hunting area can bring.

We address landowners' concerns and honestly answer their questions about how a hunting lease benefits them, the hunters, and the environment.

Tree Hugger Leasing not only helps hunters find a property to fit their personal needs, we search for potential properties and negotiate with landowners to procure the right of use.

Once you have found a lease property you think fits your needs, we will accompany you to inspect the land, at your convenience. Lease online now!

To arrange a tour, call Scott at (317) 775-5211.